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My journey

I have no clear memory how my yoga journey started but I am guessing I was 16 years old when I tried my first class, it is when I moved to Riga, capital of Latvia. I have born in Latvia and when I was 21-year-old, I decided to travel the world. I have lived and worked in different countries as Greece, Egypt, Serbia and currently, I have found my home in Switzerland.

First, I was a Vinyasa practitioner, I couldn’t stand any slow, meditative or neither any breathing exercises. It took many classes before I was aware of my breath. At that time, I didn’t realize but it was a style of fitness for me. Unfortunately, something tragic had to happen in my life to realize many other benefits of yoga. After sudden loss of a family member, yoga helped me to find the peace and accept the pain as a part of living. Yoga is much more then physical exercises; it teaches us how-to live-in peace and in harmony with each other and with ourselves. Yoga helped me to be more patient, calm, sensitive towards myself and others. The reason why I became a Yoga Teacher was how it helped me to face my pain and to get stronger physically and emotionally, is when I decided to help others and share the beauty of yoga.


Ongoing Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research, India
2023 Institut Bernadette de Gasquet
2022 Sports University, Lausanne
2020 Arhanta Academy, Netherlands

2017 Spa School, Latvia

2017 Labfitness, Ireland
2014 Baan Hom Samunphrai, Thailand
2011 Elisanda, Latvia

Yoga Therapy 805 H

Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Traditional Yoga 300H

Hatha Yoga 200H

Vinyasa Yoga 50H

Yin Yoga 50H

Pre & Postnatal Yoga 105h

Lomi-Lomi Massage

Champi Indian Head Massage

AntiGravity 1 & 2 Level by Christopher Harrison

Thai Massage 80H

Relaxing Massage

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